Doors Of Perception – Deep Red Blend

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A stunning new work on Canvas by pop artist Brad Faine

Price: £4500

Limited Edition of 5 & 1 Artist’s Proof

Digital mono-print on stretched canvas with hand applied glazes & diamond dust.

Signed by the Artist

Doors Of Perception are limited edition works by Brad Faine featuring diamond dusted tarot symbols

“I have for a number of years thought that the Tarot might provide an interesting point of departure for a series of mono-prints. However, the motivation for the subject came from a director of one of the Martin Lawrence galleries in the USA, who said that a number of clients had asked if I had ever done anything on the Tarot. With the optimism of the uninformed, I purchased the ‘Rider Waite Tarot Deck’ and became fascinated by the titles and images of the Major and Minor Arcana and thought it might be interesting to replace them with famous classical and modern paintings. In addition, I investigated some of the symbolism associated with the Tarot and selected some of the of images Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles as well as the ouroboros and juxtaposed them with the card, using diamond dust.” – Brad Faine