Bowie – Heroes

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‘Bowie – Heroes’ is a spray paint, ink and resin print by highly collectable artist Dan Pearce.

The mixed media piece of original art is printed onto an aluminium sheet and is signed by the artist.

Dan Pearce – master of mixed media printing – was recently featured in London’s Shortlist magazine as one of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists. Such an endorsement needs little elaboration: the works speak for themselves. Bold and confident, his prints take inspiration from street and pop art, blending elements of fine art to create an iconic style that carefully blends new, digital media with old school techniques.
‘Bowie – Heroes’ is a beautiful homage to the late music great.
The print is backed with a busy collage of David Bowie images, newspaper cutouts, and song lyrics, all awash with daubs of brightly coloured spray paint. In the centre, laid over the collage, Dan Pearce has printed an image of David Bowie’s face across nine, small square canvasses, each a different colour, like the face of a Rubix cube. It’s bright, bold and brash, a brilliant updating of pop-art forms with digital techniques, and an iconic tribute to the legend that is David Bowie.