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Cyclone signed limited edition silkscreen print

Price: £1200

embossing, gold leaf, diamond dust and collaged elements on paper

Edition of 75



Cyclone is a signature piece by Dan Baldwin featuring the themes and imagery for which this young British artist has become renowned. Baldwin states that his work is ‘about the fine line between the sinister and the beautiful’  it as at once joyful and profound. The universal themes that he tackles in cyclone include love and death, the brutality and beauty of nature and decay, religion and liberty. Found images and objects are combined with swathes of colour, graffiti-like markings, diagrams and drawings (reflecting Baldwin’s training as an illustrator) creating a melee of colour, movement and visual diversity against a black backdrop. This powerful image is centred around a golden knife, which sports a single drop of scarlet blood; representative of violence and passion. Overall Cyclone is a memento mori; a reminder of the brevity and ephemeral nature of life, as delicate as a butterfly or bird’s wing.

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