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‘Cottontail’ is a wonderful piece of illuminated assemblage art by contemporary artist Claire Newman-Williams.


Mixed Media Illuminated Mains-operated Assemblage Box

Combining original photographic images, usually portraits that Claire Newman-Williams creates with old cameras and alternative processes, with found objects. She creates collages layered and arranged in antique wooden boxes. These Story Boxes are intended to be like inner landscapes, addressing the recurrent themes of the smothering of identity and our fear of being seen – truly seen by those around us.

“I found a box of old magic lantern slides encased in lovely old glass frames at an auction and they just captured my imagination. I began thinking of ways that I could illuminate them in a way that would re-create that sort of vignetted, almost cinematic effect that they would have had originally and came up with the idea of creating little boxes to put them in. Once I started taking the slides apart I realised I could use the vintage glass, print my own imagery on a transparent substrate, add in some diffusion and thus the illuminated boxes were born! The first boxes were made of mdf and painted, but then I saw some really beautiful walnut wood, thought it would look great and I’ve been using it ever since.”