Agave Americana

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‘Agave Americana’ is a stunning limited edition Silkscreen Print on 410 gsm somerset tub-sized paper by abstract artist Bruce McLean.

Price: £1500

‘Agave America’ is an 18 colour print including satin and UV varnish and collage.

McLean’s work is in a permanent state of movement and invention; from the late 1960s his range of media has included painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, photography drawing and live work; in all of which humour, scepticism and wit are central. His work seeks to challenge the concept of ‘sculpture’ and indeed of ‘art’ by creating work that questions establishment thinking, materials and methods of display.

This piece comes from an edition of 100 and is signed by the artist.

‘Agave Americana’ makes a pair with Black Mimosa