Art Malarky II

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‘Art Malarky II’ is a stunning Limited Edition Print by pop Artist, Brad Faine.

Price: £900

Limited edition of 50

This piece of art has silkscreen satin protection varnish, an Ultra Violet glaze on the circular images

Signed & numbered by the artist

“Art Malarkey I and II were generated by a question asked of my wife by Paul Duke; “Jane what do you think about all this art malarkey?”. I thought it a great phrase that summed up the popular view of abstract art. The print is the second in this series that combines elements of the works of some of my favourite artists with an alphabet of their surnames. Each circular image contains sections from two famous pictures by abstract artists such as Albers, Bacon, Chagall etc, while the text comprises two alphabets, one from A to Z and the other from Z to A. The underlying colour of the text is moderated by a large coloured alphabet. Hopefully the effect of the piece is to de-mystify the rarefied air of the upper echelons of the art world and have a bit of fun playing around with the modern masters.” – Brad Faine