A.G.B.I Bi-Centenary Print

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A.G.B.I Bi-Centenary Print is a Limited Edition Print showcasing the works of 42 artists.

Price: £1500

Limited edition print

With a real pop-art feel to the print as a whole, it is surprising to see the many different styles when you look closely at the individual works: you see something new each time.

Brad Faine, as a trustee of The Artists’ General Benevolent Institution (A.G.B.I), produced the print to celebrate the bi-centenary of the organisation. 25 artists were invited to donate the right to use their images on a collage assembly print (rather like the Band Aid print of 1985) and to have each copy signed by all of them. The trustees were pleased to find that by the time they had had acceptance from the 25 artists initially invited, offers were received from a further 27 artists, increasing the total to 42.

This fabulous print was produced, and is sold, to support the Artists General Benevolence Institution (A.G.B.I.), whose role is to provide financial aid for professional artists who can no longer support themselves, due to age, illness or infirmity.

Each print is signed in pencil by all the 42 artists who have generously provided the images. 

Details of the artists involved

Ivor Abrahams RA, Val Archer, Stephen Bartlett, Peter Blake CBE, William Bowyer RA, Simon Burton, Michael Craig- Martin RA, Gus Cummings RA, Andrew Curtis, Brenda Evans, Brad Faine, Stephen Farthing RA, Duggie Fields, Peter Freeth RA, Anthony Frost, Martin Fuller, Christian Furr, Maggi Hambling CBE, Gerrard Hemsworth, Nicola Hicks MBE, Georgie Hopton, Ken Howard OBE RA, Patrick Hughes, Gary Hume RA, Paul Huxley RA, Ben Johnson, Bryan Kneale RA, David Mach RA, Ronald Maddox, Christian Marclay, Roger McGough, Bruce McLean, Brendan Neiland, Chris Orr MBE RA, William Packer, Tom Phillips RA, Barbara Rae CBE RA, Justine Smith, Donald Smith, Steve Thomas, Joe Tilson RA and Gavin Turk.