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‘Texeco’ is a stunning Limited Edition Print by Urban Artist, Lhouette.


This piece of art has been hand embellished with Diamond Dust, comes from an edition of 10 and is signed & numbered by the artist.

Lhouette’s trademark fusion of gritty urban street art and Warhol-esque pop culture iconography is a concept the artist describes as “Post Urban Glamour”.

Elements of Lhouette’s early techniques can still be glimpsed within his more polished artworks of today through the use of raw materials such as forklift pallets and other industrial throw-offs. This striking binary between the old and new and the raw and the refined, is the major juxtaposition inherent to Lhouette’s work.

‘My techniques originate from self-taught graphic design & stencil practices. I started with a mixed box of old mechanic aerosol paints and scrap sheets of salvaged wooden board. Along with a moody scanner/printer that I had acquired…the work was beautifully raw! I try to retain that essence as the work continues to develop’. – Lhouette