American Trilogy (Cream and Gold Diamond Dust)

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A limited edition silkscreen print with gold leaf, embossing and diamond dust by legendary pop artist, Sir Peter Blake.

Price: £2900

‘American Trilogy (Cream and Gold Diamond Dust)’ is a striking print featuring three American Icons: The Stars and Stripes of the American flag, Elvis Presley and Coca Cola. This classic pop art image by Peter Blake explores the power of mass consumer products and popular culture, and America’s leadership in 1950s mass culture revolution.

As part of a set of three, all finished with gold or silver leaf, this print echoes the concept of mass production in the Pop Art tradition. The repetition of slightly varied imagery is reminiscent of the work of Andy Warhol, echoing the ‘sameness’ of mass production.

A Limited Edition Print 9/150

Image Size 62.5×83.5cm

Paper Size 76x99cm