Spring is Surfacing

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Our latest exhibition, featuring Claire Burke, whose gilded panels have long been a favourite amongst Turner | Barnes | Gallery customers.
In addition we are thrilled to be using this exhibition to launch the work of three artists, new to the gallery: Fransisco J. Jiminez, Allan Storer and Jake Oliver Fishman.

Claire Burke’s critically acclaimed abstract panels have a luminous aura.  Burke uses a traditional gilding technique then ‘distresses’ her work with a cracking-product once dry.  Her new works are “skinnier” than previous collections’, with the work continued around the sides, giving a sculptural effect. The pieces look wonderful on their own, but have a great impact when hung side by side, in their varying lengths.

Fransisco J. Jimenez is a figurative artist whose artistic roots are planted, firmly, in Madrid. Jimenez works on canvas, using oil paints, over-painted scars, rips and patch-worked textures as part of his physical technique.

Allan Storer’s abstract work is fluent, dynamic and exciting.  Storer creates the main body of his composition using the squeegee technique, he then applies multiple layers of paint on top.  A process of peeling and gouging then follows, creating the texture and rough edges.

Jake Oliver Fishman has a fascination with materials and their potential to be manipulated and used in ways drastically different to their intended use.  Fishman’s striking work is produced using ink, pigment and clear carrier liquids to transport the colours across acrylic glass. The paintings are built up in thin layers, each time the glass being subtly adjusted to dictate the direction of flow.