Kiss My Art…because I’m going global | A solo show by Dom Pattinson

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KISS MY ART… because I’m going global
an exciting solo show of urban street art by artist Dom Pattinson.

The first solo exhibition by the popular urban artist, Dom Pattinson, was hosted by Turner Barnes Gallery, at the Blackall Studios in trendy Shoreditch, London; an area renowned for up & coming artists.

KISS MY ART… because I’m going global, was a much anticipated first solo show, set to stretch Dom in terms of colour and the content of the collection. Whilst not shying away from the expressive large pieces, Dom also experimented with works on an even larger scale for this show.

To this point, each collection of his works had been significantly different to the last: Dom’s early works were more subtle with their message, later collections having more confidence showing through as Dom grew comfortable and began relating honestly to his audience.

For his first venture into the London art market in 2009 Dom’s paintings had become a little more audacious; “Tits out for the Brits” has since become one of the most sought after paintings of his to date. The New York collection for 2010 was incredibly well received, with American influences incorporated into the subjects and scripts, this proved to be just as popular on the other side of the Atlantic, resulting in a second sell-out collection.

At this, Dom’s first solo exhibition, a collection of large-sized, original paintings was unveiled and were available to purchase alongside the hand-finished, limited-edition, silkscreen prints, published by Interior Angle.

“The more my paintings can make people feel happy, the happier I am. If you can walk away from my paintings smiling and laughing, I feel I have done my job” ~Dom Pattinson

KISS MY ART… because I’m going global
Blackall Studios

March 22, 2011
4-6pm: Press
6-9pm: Private View

 March 23, 2011
6-9pm: Public View – Evening Event

March 23-27, 2011
Public View