Affordable Art Fair | Hong Kong

18/05 - 20/05

Turner Barnes Gallery are returning to Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong for our sixth year. We are looking forward to bringing back some of the favourites from the UK, The Connor Brothers, Joe Webb, Mark Vessey, Natasha Barnes and showcasing some new faces in Asia, Lhouette and Gavin Mitchell.

Information on the Fair will be available soon on Affordable Art Fair website… click here

For information on FREE entry tickets please email us at

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Mark Vessey Limited Edition Photograph New Musical Express Mark Vessey
Magnus Gjoen Limited Edition Print J'ayme à Jamais (I Love For Ever) Magnus Gjoen
The Connor Brothers, I Don't Want To Go To Heaven, Limited Edition Print The Connor Brothers
Turner Barnes Gallery Lhouette Original Acrylic and Aerosol on Wooden Drum Reel Martyrdom Lhouette
Joe Webb Limited Edition Print Transmission boys play on planet moon Joe Webb
Dan Baldwin Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas With Gold Leaf Carnival Dan Baldwin
Simon Kirk Turner Barnes Gallery Original Art Mixed Media Day Simon Kirk
Natasha Barnes Original Artwork Dance With Spring Natasha Barnes