Absolutism V Relativism

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A Solo Exhibition by Gavin Mitchell

Turner Barnes Gallery 2017 Exhibition plan kicks off in style with our newest artist, Gavin Mitchell.
For the last two years Gavin has been working with groove Armada on a Charity Event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust on a sound and vision collaboration. Groove Armada mix the music live to a multi screen installation created and produced by Gavin Mitchell.

Originally from Saffron Walden, another great local talent, who now lives & works in London. London and Hong Kong galleries have both hosted exhibitions of Gavin’s collections.
Now back in his home County, we are proud to present this great new exhibition, Absolutism V Relativism.
This is a body of work that explores the aesthetics of Japanese culture.

Looking at the apparent contradictions within its own society and in its relationship with the west.
Western attitudes of universal Morality & Beauty are absolute. This makes it difficult to reconcile the duality of Japanese society. Which can appear both deferential and subversive and at the same time compelling and enigmatic
The work aims to provoke a discussion by juxtaposing imagery that references the uneasy relationship Japan can have with both itself and the West.

The artworks are Mixed Media Limited Editions using appropriated imagery, collage and photography.