Dan Pearce

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Dan Pearce is a London based mixed media artist and digital designer who recently featured in London’s Shortlist magazine as one of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists.

“Dan’s colourful creations are a pleasure to both look at as well as touch, combining finely grained sprayed backgrounds with drops of lustrous resin onto a variety of materials and surfaces. His abstract-decorative paintings are polished to perfection, showing Dan’s impeccable control of his working media.”

Dan studied art at his local college on Merseyside which led to a (BA) Hons in Jewellery Design. Post Uni he returned to his original birth place of Australia and setup home in Sydney for the next seven years. It was here he honed his skills for digital design and fell in love with stencil art. Influenced by some of the stencil masters ELK and C215 he immersed himself into the world of hand cut stencils and spray paint.

Taking inspiration from street and pop art and juxtapositioning it with fine art, his work is bold and confident in style often completely transforming iconic portraits with his own inimitable style and blurring the lines between new media, pop and digital art. He uses a range of new and mixed media in his work from spray paint to hand painting, resins, stencils, collage and digital media.

Dan is married with two sons. He has built a studio at the bottom of his garden which allows him to juggle his busy life of artist, his digital design business and a hands-on Dad. Dan has been exhibiting his artwork since 2011 throughout the UK and internationally.


I salute you-blue by Dan pearce, kate moss portrait on aluminium with blue ink
I salute you-pink by Dan pearce, kate moss portrait on brushed aluminium with pink ink
twiggy blow me by dan pearce, twiggy blowing a union jack bubble in ink on brushed aluminium
Kate is 1st class pink by dan pearce, 1st class stamp and kate moss print on brushed aluminium
twiggy is first glass - gold by dan-pearce, twiggy on a first class stamp on brushed aluminium
Twiggy by Dan Pearce, twiggy and first class stamp, brushed aluminium and pink spray paint
Audrey Hepburn by Dan Pearce, Original mixed media portrait
Who is Marilyn Monroe by Dan Pearce, original mixed media art, in silver, pink and black
Marily's tears for fears by dan pearce,black and white portrait with pink spray paint over eyes
Marilyn Monroe-Pop Art-Warhol-Photograph-Aluminium-Green
Marilyn Monroe-Pop-art-photography on aluminium
Marilyn Monroe-Pop Art-Warhol-Bubble gum
Kate Moss-Photography-Dan Pearce-Artist
Audrey Hepburn-Zebra One Gallery-Dan Pearce-Photograph-artist
Audrey Hepburn-photography-pink-Dan Pearce
Audrey Hepburn-Pop Art-Dan Pearce-Artist
Lady Ga Ga-Stamps-The Queen-art
Stamps-art-Jimi Hendrix-The Queen
Mick Jagger-Keith Richards-Rolling Stones-art-Exhibitionism