Terry O’Neill

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Terry O’Neill is one of the world’s most collected photographers with work hanging in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. From presidents to pop stars he has photographed the frontline of fame for over six decades.

O’Neill began his career at the birth of the 1960s. While other photographers concentrated on earthquakes, wars and politics, O’Neill realised that youth culture was a breaking news story on a global scale and began chronicling the emerging faces of film, fashion and music who would go on to define the Swinging Sixties. By 1965 he was being commissioned by the biggest magazines and newspapers in the world.

No other living photographer has embraced the span of fame, capturing the icons of our age from Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Amy Winehouse, from Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to Nicole Kidman, as well as every James Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

He photographed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they were still struggling young bands in 1963, pioneered backstage reportage photography with David Bowie, Elton John, The Who, Eric Clapton and Chuck Berry and his images have adorned historic rock albums, movie posters and international magazine covers.

“The Sixties was an incredible time. Young people took over, creating their own cultural landscape on stage, in music, fashion and on the film set. I was lucky. Seriously lucky. I was in the right place at the right time. But I never realized then that we were remaking the world in our own image – or that mine would become such a testament to the time. And the freedom I was given, on film sets, backstage and just rubbing shoulders with my mates who became these icons, simply isn’t allowed to photographers today. Now image is everything; the stars are brands and their managements control access and publication, so we never get to see them as they really are at work, rest or play.” TERRY O’NEILL

“Terry O’Neill rates rightly as one of the best photographers in the world. He captures something special” – Sir Michael Caine

“When it comes to photographic legends there can be few more prolific or revered than Terry O’Neill, the man who shot the greats.” – VOGUE

1960 1968 Actress b/w Bar Black and White Blond Brigitte Bardot Cigarette Female fine art prints French On Set Portrait Shalako Sixties Smoking Terry O'Neill
1970 1970s Actress b/w Black and White Film Set fine art prints High Heels Lingerie Myra Breckinridge On Set Raquel Welch Screen Seventies Table Terry O'Neill Underwear
1960s 1966 Bikini Cross Film fine art prints Legs Lingerie Long Hair On Set Raquel Welch Sixties Terry O'Neill
1960s 1966 Actress American b/w Bikini Black and White Cross Film fine art prints Legs Lingerie Long Hair On Set Portrait Raquel Welch Sixties Terry O'Neill
1960s, 1964, b/w, Black and White, Blond, Britain, fine art prints, Full Length, Lingerie, London, Marianne Faithfull  Sixties, Songwriter, Terry O'Neill, 
1960s 1964 Actress b/w Beach Bikini Black and White Blond Bond Girl Film Set fine art prints Goldfinger Honor Blackman James Bond Pussy Galore Sixties Terry O'Neill 
007 1970s Actor b/w Black and White British Close-Up fine art prints Gun James Bond Live and Let Die On Set Portrait Roger Moore Seventie, Terry O'Neill 
1960 1963 Actor b/w Black and White Close-Up Couple fine art prints Headshot Jean Shrimpton Sixties Terence Stamp Terry O'Neill
2000s 2008 90th birthday Amy Winehouse b/w Black and White Concert Headshot Hyde Park  London Nelson Mandela Portrait Singer tatoos, Terry O'Neill
1970s 1974 Animal b/w Black and White British David Bowie Diamond Dogs fine art prints Musician Seventies Terry O'Neill UK 
1970s 1972  Arizona b/w Black and White Cowboy Hat Film Film Set fine art prints Lee Marvin Paul Newman  Portrait Seventies Terry O'Neill Western
1960s 1963 Abbey Road Studios b/w Band Black and White fine art prints George Harrison Group Guitar John Lennon Paul McCartney Pop Ringo Starr Rock'n'Roll Singer Sixties Terry O'Neill 
1970s 1977 Academy Award Actress Beverly Hills Hotel Chair B&W BLACK AND WHITE Faye Dunaway fine art prints Full Length gown High Heels Hollywood Los Angeles Newspaper  Oscar Pool Portrait Seventies Terry O'Neill beverly hills hotel 
1970s 1977 Academy Award Actress Beverly Hills Hotel Colour Faye Dunaway fine art prints Full Length gown High Heels Hollywood Los Angeles Newspaper  Oscar Pool Portrait Seventies Terry O'Neill 
1960s 1966 Actress Audrey Hepburn b/w, Bird Black and White Dove fine art prints Hat On Set Sixties Terry O'Neill
1960s 1968 Actor America American American Film b/w Black and White Film Film Set fine art prints Frank Sinatra Miami On Set Singer Sixties  Terry O'Neill The Lady in Cement Walking
1960s 1971 Actress b/w Black and White Blond Brigitte Bardot Cigar Cigarette Film Set fine art prints French Les Petroleuses, On Set, Personality Portrait Sixties Smoking Spain Terry O'Neill The Legend of Frenchie King Western Woman