Sarah Scotchman

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Distinctive, classic-style with a modern edge: the work of Sarah Scotchman, Essex artist, is gaining an increasing following in the UK and overseas.

Sarah Scotchman’s figurative fine art pieces capture the sensuality and elegance of the female form; her style classic, but with an enticing modern edge.  Sarah’s work has a sense of drama and atmosphere to it, due to high contrast lighting techniques and the variety of media that she uses in the composition.  Dyed silver leaf, for example, gives the brightness of silver but in deep, vibrant, jewel-like colours.

Sarah Scotchman studied at Central Saint Martins in London, gaining a distinction in art & design  She is a figurative artist who creates fine art pieces capturing the sensuality and elegance of the female form. The silkscreen work originates from original works ranging from striking, high contrast paintings to simple soft line drawings.

With this collection, Sarah furthers her detailed multi-media drawing pieces as well as her paintings through various stages and processes to produce new and exciting hand finished variable editions using metal leaf, silkscreen and varnish. The limited edition prints have a modern edge to her customary classical style.

Sarah Scotchman is fascinated by the beauty, softness and curves of the female form, as well as the points of the body and the shapes it can create, believing that lighting is essential to the mood and atmosphere of her work. The pieces can vary from strong, bold, high contrast images to delicate and yielding pieces.

To produce a new piece of art Sarah starts with either an idea for a pose or a vision of the final image & works with her husband, professional photographer Chris van Sadler (aka El Diablo Blanco, fine art photographer and winner of the Photographer’s Eye award 2013) in their studio to capture this initial impression.

From studying these photographs, Sarah produces original pieces of art in her chosen medium, usually in pencil, charcoal or paint.

Her original Fine Art pieces then form the basis for the image which is later screened onto her various metal leaf backgrounds. Every print in the Metal Leaf Collection has been gilded & hand finished by Sarah, making each variable limited edition print unique.

Sarah Scotchman’s first one man exhibition, All That Glitters opened in October 2015 and is running in conjunction with the annual London, Battersea Affordable Art Fair. This is Sarah’s third year showing at the AAF in Battersea and this year sees the launch of her fourth screen print incorporating 24ct gold leaf and dyed Silver leaf.

Sarah Scotchman-Art-All-That-Glitters-No.4-gold-art-nude-figuritive-metal-leaf-limited-edition-print
Sarah Scotchman-Art-All-That-Glitters-No.25-pink-art-nude-figuritive-silver-metal-leaf-limited-edition-print-silkscreen
Sarah Scotchman-Art-All-That-Glitters-No.24-aqua-art-nude-figuritive-silver-metal-leaf-limited-edition-print-silkscreen
Sarah Scotchman-Art-All-That-Glitters-No.21-Blue-art-nude-figuritive-silver-metal-leaf-limited-edition-print-silkscreen