Sarah Kayci

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Sarah Kayci, originally a portrait artist, wanted to experiment creating layered style art.

Using Oil paints Sarah Kayci’s aim was to paint fine art pieces imitating digital art normally only produced by using modern computer technology.

As an 80’s kid Sarah Kayci decided to bring together images from inspirational people to iconic characters, creating the relationship between factual history and fiction.

Contemporary artist, Sarah Kayci, has been interested in art her whole life. Every so often she would get the paint brushes out and mainly paint from photographs for people, creating a poster collaboration for a modern look.

“I could never quite paint anything I was happy with enough to put on my walls at home. Whether it is abstract or fine art – I needed some inspiration.” – Sarah Kayci

A few years ago whist travelling to the South of France,  Sarah Kayci came across a beautiful piece of art work in a window of a small gallery in the back streets of Cannes. The Mona Lisa, she looked almost transparent with the appearance of Superman flying straight through her. She had never seen anything like it before. It had both the elegance of a fine art portrait combined with the modern pop art of today. Sarah Kayci knew then that this was the style of art for her.

Sarah Kayci started putting pictures together that were personal to her, whether it is an inspirational figure or something she enjoyed from her childhood. Soon enough she couldn’t stop painting and from creating just a few layered style pieces, not only were people buying her work, she was also painting private commissions for clients.

She is now in the process of creating my new phase with a new slant…

For original enquiries please contact us, prices start from £2400


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