Rosie Emerson

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Figurative Artist

Rosie Emerson is a contemporary artist, working almost exclusively on representing the female form; her enigmatic images, which feel almost ephemeral, strike a wonderful balance between fragility and strength.

The subject matter is used to explore beauty, power and voyeurism: depicted as solitary performers, the women are objects of desire trapped in enigmatic images of both irresistibility and impotence.

Guinness world record holder, winner of The Bridgeman Studio Award 2015 and Artist in Residence at Somerset House.

Rosie Emerson’s work was picked out as one of seven “future classics” by Will Ramsay, founder of the Affordable Art Fair.  Will Ramsay has described Rosie Emerson’s work as, “beautiful, highly original and certainly collectable.”

Collected and exhibited worldwide, she has secured representation by some top galleries in New York and London, where she is being shown alongside Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Pure Evil.

female figure wearing a beautiful headdress
female figure wearing beautiful headdress
female figure with headdress
Rosie Emerson-Venus-No.3-portrait-charcoal-silkscreen-screenprint-limited-edition-print
rosie emerson-artist-artwork-limited-edition-photography-figurative