Nina Pringle

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Artist Nina Pringle lives and works in Helsingborg, on the West Coast of Sweden.

She works as an Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Graphic Facilitator and Interior Designer. She is involved in many creative projects involving, book illustrations, logos, interior design projects and her own art exhibitions.

Her paintings are Abstract with an intuitive and mystical feeling. She listens to classical music while she paints and there is a musical touch in her work. Her last series of work is also named after chords such as G-major and F-minor where she wants to express the chords in distinct fields of colour.

Another series of paintings is called A-Z ( in Swedish, known as A-Ö) The paintings are very light and meditative. Each painting depicts a letter of the alphabet as a title to keep in with the abstract motive in the paintings.

Nina’s paintings are created without a preconceived idea. The purpose is to create expression and emotion strictly out of shape and colour – completely abstract.

After a spontaneous start of a painting she gets more controlled as the work evolves. Colour, line, shape, texture, and light are the media that express the emotion in her work. Rather than creating a recognizable object, she uses the elements of painting itself to allow the story to unfold.

There is no plan in her painting, yet there is process. She lets a colour, a line, a shape dictate what is needed to create balance and harmony after a long period of just observing the painting. She finds the right balance between the flowing abstract paint and the more organized patterns, lines or shapes always in contrast to the white canvas that is of major importance in her work.