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Maxim, The Prodigy

Maxim, part of the Prodigy trio. The Vocalist has turned his creative flare to painting and works under the artist name MM.

Just as his musical background has influenced his art, art has in turn fed into his wider creative practise. At the heart of his approach is a love and appreciation of freedom. “I was always restricting myself when I did music, never knowing how to let go and let it be what it is… That’s one thing I’ve learned about art – there aren’t really mistakes in art, are there?”

Nonetheless when he discards his work, there is a finality to it.

“I just have this thing – if something ain’t working now, I just burn it. I never keep it. Kind of like a ritual.”

Maxim has been painting for about 11 years, at first, using acrylics mostly, trying to catch textures and different colours in the sky. Landscapes, that sort of thing. No figures or shapes that you could recognise exactly. Then he went to New York and met quite a few artists who opened his eyes to different techniques. This made him realise that art isn’t just about acrylics and oils, also using images, manipulating them and tweaking them.

“To put the head of a horse onto the body of sheep or something. Something mad.”


ballator, mixed media art by maxim, butterfly and skeleton
maxim dirty bird original, birds and moths
maxim double trouble original art, two red figures with daggers
Twilight Painting Demon Butterflies & Clouds
Need to Serve by Maxim is a limited Edition Print of butterflies, skulls, and samurai
Elysium is an original piece of art by Maxim featuring Butterfly, skull and samurai sword
No Surrender by Maxim, Mixed Media Original Art, nude with knives and daggers
Rutalis by Maxim, Mixed media original art, butterfly, skull andsword
Vitam post mortem by Maxim, Original Mixed Media Art-bull skull
Sacrifice by Maxim, original mixed media art, nude with daggers