Marie Ackers

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Artist, Marie Ackers, sculptures are mainly inspired by horses and equestrian sports. She also sculpts various other subjects such as wildlife and dogs.

Artist Statement

In her work, Marie Ackers deconstructs the movements, simplify the shapes and identify the dynamic and the rhythms of the lines to produce contemporary sculpture. Marie Ackers works on different approaches of the subjects  experimenting with concerns such as geometric, forms and shape or space.

Marie Ackers uses different materials from old ones (bronze, raku, ceramic) to new ones (clear acrylic and Perspex) and a variety of techniques in each project. Each works are linked by recurring forms and shape concerns through the subjects.

Marie Ackers’ inspiration comes from various sources from the “French animalier” to the simplicity and purity of Brancusi’s work. The shapes and presence of Henry Moore sculptures. The sharp and clean lines of Calder metal sculptures as well as Pompom, Lynn Chadwick, architecture old and modern.

The Journey

When Marie Ackers started sculpting, her work was initially inspired and influenced by the work of the 19th century “French Animaliers”, such as Pierre Jules Mene and Antoine Louis Barye. Her work captures the beauty and power of the animal as well as the essence of the subject.

Marie Ackers has studied anatomy and movement to understand the subject. She now feels that sculpting so close to reality is actually stopping her capturing the pure essence and the true force of the movement. In some of her latest work, she started to remove some of the details or part of the body of the horse. Feeling the need to strip down to pure lines, remove any details and simplify forms, movement , understand rhythm to find the inner strength of the piece.

“The simplicity is the complexity solved.”- Brancusi

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