Louise Fairchild

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Louise Fairchild’s interest is in the solitude and isolation of remote extreme scenery and attempting to capture the mysterious mercurial nature of the light on the land and the sea.

Louise Fairchild’s paintings are predominately large scale, often creating texture with the oil, before applying many layers of translucent oil glazes. Louise often use metallic pigment in the under layers giving the illusion of the light dancing as it moves around the painting.

Louise Fairchild’s influences are the remote landscape of Ireland, the Peak District where she grew up.

Louise Fairchild is a London based artist who gained a Fine Art (BA Hons) Degree at Reading University, after a Foundation Year at Sheffield Art College, and worked as an illustrator and artist worldwide for many years.
Commissions in this period include British Airways, Barclays Bank PLC, The Home Office, Fortnum and Mason, Bloomsbury Publishing, Boots the Chemist, Blass Wine Estates, Random House Publishing, Woolwich Building Society and Marks and Spencer PLC.

She also had numerous portrait commissions for the board of directors of companies such as Sainsburys Plc, Fidelity Investments International and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as well as a monthly commissioned portrait of a prominent figure in business or government, for the CBI magazine such as Sir Alan Sugar and Sir Michael Heseltine.

In 2009 she returned to Fine Art full time.

Her work hangs in private collections widely throughout the UK and the US.

Selected Previous Exhibitions and Art Fairs:

Solo Show Turner Barnes Gallery July 2017
The Other Art Fair Saatchi Art Selected 2017
The London Art Fair 2017 Lena Boyle Gallery
Fresh Fair Cheltenham 2017 Lena Boyle Gallery
Affordable Art Fairs: New York Bristol
London 2010 2011 2012 2113 2014 2015 2016 2017
20/21 International Art Fair Kensington Gore London
Lena Boyle Gallery London
Josie Eastwood Fine Art Gallery Winchester
The Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells
Sarah Wiseman Gallery Oxford
The Gallery at Ice Windsor
Wills Art Warehouse Gallery London

Name: Louise Fairchild State: London Country: United Kingdom