Kenny Laurenson

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Kenny Laurenson’s artworks are about rediscovery, finding and exploring a new 21st century perspective. Taking something so essentially three dimensional and reinterpreting it in two dimensions required me to bring more than a single dimension to an image. There is no true symmetry in Kenny Laurenson’s art. As in the human face, perfect symmetry holds no beauty, and so he twists and balance his imagery in photomontage to create a harmony whilst retaining the compelling nature of a symmetrical first impression.

“The satisfaction I felt when first creating the photomontages in this series reminded me of my childhood and treasured kaleidoscope. The toy kaleidoscope is a marvel as it enables a new and compelling perspective on something possibly familiar or ordinary. The first thing we do after looking at something through a kaleidoscope is to look again at the subject without the kaleidoscope, as if to rediscover the subject, and see it anew. This simple psychology is essential to my work… I endeavour to create images that demand more than a glance.” – Kenny Laurenson