James Sparshatt

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Artist & Photographer, James Sparshatt began his photographic career in the early nineties in the rarefied atmosphere of La Paz, Bolivia, working as a photojournalist and eventually editor of the Bolivian Times.

It was here he discovered Latin music and the splashes of festive colour and swirling movement it brought to the otherwise bleak, windswept canvas of the Altiplano.

James Sparshatt’s work today reflects that vibrancy and intimately captures the beauty and spirit of his subjects.  He has been exhibited in New York, San Antonio(Texas), London, Dublin, Berlin, Cordoba (Spain), Cuba and across the UK.  His 2006 exhibition at the Royal National Theatre was described in the Sunday Telegraph as  “a dazzling collection of black and white images”.  James was shortlisted for the Sony World Photographic award in 2009 and was a winner of the Center for Fine Art Photography’s International award in 2008.

James Sparshatt has had solo exhibitions in the US, Ireland, Spain, Cuba, France and across the UK.  James Sparshatt’s work is shown at contemporary art fairs across the world including at Art Chicago, ArtHamptons, Slick (Paris), Art Market (San Francisco), AAF London, AAF Singapore, AAF New York and many more.  His photographs have been used for advertising campaigns and featured in magazines such as Dazed and Confused, Tatler, Red, Wanderlust as well as all of the UK’s major broadsheets.  He has also written for the New Statesman.  In 2011 a platinum print of Soweto Strings was auctioned at Sothebys, New York City, in aid of Art For Africa.

His book, Cuba – Land of Spirit, was published in 2006.

“My love of photography developed while I was working as an adventure guide and photojournalist in Latin America in the 1990s.  Both there, and later in Cuba, I was captivated by the energy and exuberance of the festivals and dance so inherent in latino life.  Many of my images celebrate the rich and vibrant musical heritage of Havana, Buenos Aires and Seville.

When I look at them I hear the rhythmic beat of the drums and almost feel a trickle of sweat running down my back.  I remain amazed when they have the same effect on a stranger, but i suppose that is the power of the image”

– James Sparshatt