Jake Oliver Fishman

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Abstract Artist Jake Oliver Fishman

Jake Oliver Fishman has a fascination for materials and their potential to be manipulated and used in ways drastically different to their intended use. While there is initially a concept of what form a piece will take, the final outcome may be radically different to what was originally conceived. Keeping the process of creating art an experience of exploration and discovery. This means there is always an element of chance. Jake Oliver Fishman is captivated by this dance between chaos and form. The experience of seeing how people interact with what is made influences the development of new work.

Jake Oliver Fishman  partakes in a Vipassana, and his meditation practice has become part of his art practice. Prior to starting a painting he meditates, picturing the dimensions of the piece he is about to work on. Once he gains an understanding of what he wants to create, Jake starts the process of applying the first set of materials. Paintings are repeatedly layered before eventually being left to dry for days or sometimes weeks until they have fully set. They are then finished with three coats of lacquer and polished.

Jake Oliver Fishman Inside abstract art ink acrylic colours original circular circle