Dom Pattinson

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The urban art by Dom Pattinson has now become highly sought after by collectors all over the world.
His artworks are hanging in the homes of Liam Gallagher, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie to name a few.

Artist Dom Pattinson was exhibiting work in his home county of Suffolk in 2009 when Soo Turner of Turner Barnes Gallery discovered this unknown artist. After sell out collections at the London and the New York Affordable Art Fairs, sales at Hong Kong and Singapore Affordable Art Fairs he has gone on to permanent representation with New York, London and Galleries all over the world.

His raw style of urban original art stands out amongst the Graffiti Art Movement because the original Art by Dom is created on the canvas. A piece of work that can be hung on your wall at home unlike most urban art today that is only able to be appreciated on a wall in a public area.

Experimenting with printmaking and painting, Dom Pattinson captures the essence of daily regimes intermingled with sparks of satire and idealistic visuals of ‘a day in the life’.

Born in 1969 Dom followed his passion for art through his education gaining a BA Hons at the Winchester School of Art and an MA at the Glasgow School of Art. Training as an artist after leaving college he found himself working in the craft of boat building, where he showcased his craftsman skills on the set of Casino Royale.

After visiting Northern Ireland when Dom was younger he discovered the raw urban art created on the walls, telling the stories of everyday people, objects and the events that take were taking over daily life. Inspiration led to the development of mixed media pieces that form Dom’s very distinctive style of art. Each subject can relate to everyone; to look at the painting and create your own response to his views is what excites and makes his work extremely sought after.

His marriage and children are very influential in the development behind the subjects of the paintings and the inspiration behind the themes incorporated in his work.

Dom’s love remains embedded in the world of fine art and he continues to express everyday life as we know it through his paintings. A fascination of repetition, often reflected in his paintings, possibly link directly back to the images he reacted to in Ireland; street art on canvas.

Dom’s focus has changed over the last few months and he has launched himself into a full time career as an artist. This is good news for his collectors as the work is in great demand and is selling out fast!

Dom is at his best creating art you can live with!


Art by Dom Pattinson, Urban Art Essex, Kiss My Art
Art by Dom Pattinson, Urban Art Essex, Kiss My Art
Art by Dom Pattinson, Urban Art, Kiss My Art
Art by Dom Pattinson Kiss My Art Urban
Art by Dom, Dom Pattinson Limited Edition, Kiss my Art
Art by Dom, Urban Art, Kiss My Art