Dean Fox

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Dean Fox is a British contemporary artist whose work is known for combining traditional draughtsmanship and oil painting with abstract elements.

Dean Fox studied fine art and illustration at Central St Martins school of art before working for a top London based agency creating visuals, storyboards and illustrations for advertising alongside producing conceptual art for the gaming industry. He decided to return to his passion of oil painting and drive for complete freedom of expression.

“Coming from being a trained draughtsman I like to include form in my works and compliment objectivity with abstraction. I feel nature embodies both these dualities and to be only one particular way in expressing yourself seems limited to me. For me, as in spirituality the acquisition of simplifying oneself in the pursuit of peace or happiness is parallel to a creative journey or expression. I find myself constantly trying to detract from my work as it develops as I generally try to touch on something that is non objective, an almost impossible task but one that’s worth the challenge as far as creating goes. The world is already here, lets at least through art try to create or touch on something beyond it.” – Dean Fox