Chloe Natalia

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Visual artist Chloe Natalia joins Turner Barnes Gallery to display her new collection of 3-dimensial floral paper sculptures for the first time at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea 2019.

Chloë Natalia artist, is a self-taught visual artist who displays her artwork through the medium of cutting, layering and structuring paper, creating 3 dimensional sculptures. By drawing inspiration from the natural world and all its unique forms, Chloë Natalia artist, displays this through her work. Her choice of using paper allows the possibility to translate these forms and also making them pleasing to the eye. Chloë Natalia’s sculptures combine a mathematical quality with strong colours.

She endeavours to make work that intrigues and seduces.

Most of her work is hand-cut with a surgical blade and scissors. Chloe Natalia artist, says she has resisted the temptation to rely more on machinery, as she really enjoys the meditative aspect of working by hand. Due to the 3-D aspect of her work, it is hard to capture the texture and layering through a lens, or view on a screen. This does not allow for the sculptures to be viewed and appreciated as they should be.

Following Chloe Natalia’s career in the media industry and working as a TV producer, Chloë Natalia artist, then moved to the country to focus on her passion for interior. She now splits her time between Ibiza and the UK. The vibrant nature filled island inspires her and influences her work at every step of the process.

She spends most of her time working on a steady flow of commissioned pieces and selling via online galleries. Her work has been included in exhibitions in the UK and Ibiza. Additionally, many of her pieces have been bought and shipped to the US, giving her a fan base in another continent.

Chloe Natalia Close Up Detail of Flower Paper Cut Sculpture
Chloe Natalia Close Up Detail of Flower Paper Cut Sculpture
Chloe Natalia Close Up Detail of Flower Paper Cut Sculpture