Anwar Hussein

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A limited edition of lightboxes showcasing Anwar’s iconic photography.

Anwar Hussein photographer was born in Tanzania in 1938 and is known for being a photojournalist and one of Britain’s most talented photographers. During the 1960’s, Anwar primarily covered counter-culture events such as the Isle of Wight Festival. Anwar Hussein photographer’s flair for compelling portraiture and his reportage of artists such as Rod Stewart, Elton John, John Lennon, The Who, Bob Marley, The Bee Gees and the Sex Pistols made him among the most sought after photographers of the rock era.

By the mid 1970’s, photographer Anwar Hussein’s work was transformed when he became a set photographer for classic movies, such as 24 Hours of Le Mans, Papillon, Tommy and the Bond Films. Anwar Hussein photographer was on the set of Sharon Tates last film. Not to mention, Anwar’s shot of Keith Moon leaving a bar was taken hours before the rock musician overdosed and are the last known photos taken. Anwar Hussein photographer career continued to snap shots of many popular A-Listers.

While covering Royal events as news items, Anwar Hussein photographer decided to focus his talents on a new set of stars. Anwar Hussein photographer persisted in following and documenting the Royal Family in Anwar Hussein’s own style. By the Time of Prince Charles’ engagement to Diana Spencer, Anwar Hussein was an official “royal photographer.”

Over a distinguished 40-year career, Anwar Hussein is now the longest-serving royal photographer. Having travelled the world capturing the Queen in some of her most candid moments, Anwar Hussein photographer forever changed the way the Royal Family was perceived.

The infamous photo of Muhammad Ali photographed by Anwar Hussein has been used in a unique art form that is an Led lightbox in the style of a polaroid. The company ‘Lite House’ have been the leading supplier of bespoke Fine Art Light Boxes to Galleries and artists worldwide since 2008. Lite House are a specialist lighting company and UK manufacturer of led light panels and led light sheets and a vast experience in backlighting.

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