Andrew Millar

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Andrew Millar, born in 1983 is a British artist whose main body of work focuses on the portrait.

Early on Andrew Millar became fascinated by various print processes as well as photography. It was only a matter of time until the autodidact came about the classic and almost forgotten Polaroid film more than a decade ago. Andrew Millar has since been pushing the limits and exploring the manipulative potential of this light sensitive material for his collages. He applies leaf of precious metals and sometime’s acrylic colour in the finishing process by hand, thereby creating a unique piece with each artwork.

Andrew Millar is taking his visual elements from countless sources, then combining these in quiet, sometimes somber, surreal duo-chromatic portraits. There is definite elegance to his detailed works, which make them seem like classic orthodox icons of anonymous saints or posters of forgotten movies and heroines.

In recent years Andrew Millar’s work has become increasingly popular and his talent has earned him international recognition with solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, and London.

andrew millar, polaroid art, female portrait, untitled
Andrew Millar Limited Edition 24ct gold leaf polaroid Broken Dream
andrew millar gold leaf polaroid, female portrait, Nightingale
andrew millar gold leaf polaroid, female portrait, Diamond Skies
andrew millar, gold leaf polaroid art,female portrait, wild flower
andrew millar, champagne leaf polaroid art, skull and butterflies, Metamorphosis
andrew millar, limited edition silkcreen, female portrait, glow